New bands announced! Tickets on sale!

We’re very excited to announce a new round of bands for both nights, and the full Friday night lineup. We’re still working on adding one or two more bands for Saturday night, which we’ll announce with our speakers and workshops later in March.

For Friday night, we’ve added Lawrence’s Ebony Tusks to the show – they’ll add their political, avant-garde hip hop alongside Downtown Boys, Friendship Commanders, NUBLVCKCITY and Red Kate. The show starts right at 7 p.m., so get there!

Rev Sekou will join our Saturday night lineup. Sekou is a tireless preacher, musician and organizer in St. Louis, and a champion of worker’s rights. We’re honored to have him perform and yo – he will make you move your collective asses.

We’ve also added Scruffy & The Janitors to the Saturday lineup. Hailing from the mighty St. Joe, Scruffy deliver hook-filled, increasingly pop-sensible rock by the truckload – fun, infectious and irreverent.

Tickets are on sale now.